Eden Green Bioplastic Press-Lock Bags - 210x190 (Medium)

Eden Green Bioplastic Press-Lock Bags - 210x190 (Medium)

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Bioplastic Press-Lock bags - 210mm x 190mm 

Fully bio-degradable. 

These bags are made from 100% biodegradable starch resin. Resins are manufactured in Europe, and composting is certified by AIB Vincotte International in Belgium.

The bioplastic bags are made from a mixture of PE (plastic) resin pellets and biodegradable pellets which are made from natural plant fibres, like bamboo
leaves, corn leaves etc. depending on what crops are harvested during different times of the year.

The bio-plastic bags are a stronger alternative for corn-starch bags. Not suitable for home composting, but they are fully biodegradable. 
Please note that any 
biodegradable material, whether cornstarch, sugarcanefibre, wheatfibre, bioplastic, palmfibre or grassfibre, none of them can be recycled together with "real" plastics. Commercial recyclers know how to deal with this. If the recyclers don't want the alternative plastics, best option is then taking the goods to the landfill, where it will decompose due time.

Hint- Our bioplastic bags look just like plastic but are completely biodegradable!



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