Golden Syrup - (Bulk = tray of 4kg pails)

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Golden Syrup 4kg

Golden syrup is a thick, amber-coloured form of inverted sugar syrup, made in the process of refining sugar cane or sugar beet juice into sugar, or by treatment of a sugar solution with acid. It is used in a variety of baking recipes and desserts.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar 

Non GMO, No allergens.

Packed in a facility handling Gluten, Soya, Sesame seeds, Milk, Tree Nuts and Sulphites. 

 Energy  1280kJ
Protein 0.3g
Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Carbohydrates 75g
Sugar 75g
Sodium  110mg
Spring Tree
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Nutra Organics