Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt
Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt
Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt

Marlborough Flaky Sea Salt

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Marlborough Sea Salt Flaky

Pure sea salt gathers under the Marlborough sun, in Earth’s last refuge for all things pure, New Zealand

Each grain is a concentrated essence of the South Pacific and a diamond in the crown of fine cuisine. Used by food artists who value every ingredient and create each dish with care, for the people they love.

Traditional harvesting methods, combined with modern technology, work in harmony to produce a sea salt that is naturally rich in beneficial trace elements. No additives, no chemicals, just sea salt from the South Pacific.

Flaky salt has excellent adherence qualities; it will stick to almost any food. This will bring new taste sensations to many of your favourite foods and recipes. It allows for greatly enhanced flavours which means you will tend to use less salt on your food.

Country of Origin: Marlborough, New Zealand

Packaging Disclaimer:

Due to the consistency of this product, bulk sizes 3kg and 5kg will be packed in plastic to maintain quality. We are currently looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution for this product.




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