Here at Real Food Direct we believe that helping the environment we live in is an important part of every-day life.

We use several different methods of packaging to ensure the product arrives to you fresh with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Tin-Tie Bags

The I am eco™ Retail Bags are used for the majority of our dry goods and are 100% biodegradable and compostable (once tin tie is removed). The lining and window is also made from bio plastic and all materials are sourced from sustainable and ethical sources.

These can be easily resealed using the tin tie to keep your product fresh. 

Brown Paper 'Block Bottoms'

Made from brown paper. Another type of packaging used, mainly for flour, oats and lentils. The top of the block bottom is folded down and then sealed with eco-friendly brown paper tape which is made from brown crepe paper with natural rubber and resins based adhesive.

Plastic Stand Up Pouches

Used for various products that are susceptible to leaking or letting off moisture to prevent product deterioration. These pouches have a resealable zip. Suitable for soft plastic recycling. 

Poly Bags

We use these for bulkier items (Some 3kg quantities and all 5kg quantities) that are too heavy for the paper block bottoms or cannot go in paper due to their moisture content. The poly bags are low density grade 4, and are suitable for soft plastic recycling. 

Soft Plastic Recycling

Please Note!

Your order will be packed in different forms of packaging depending on the items in your order

Some of our products including some bulk options may be packed in plastic, to preserve product integrity. If you prefer your order packed in paper or bioplastic please send us an email at with your order number

Product Display Image

Please note the brown bowl and scoop in the product images is display only and is not a form of packaging.

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