Rolled Oats (Jumbo)
Rolled Oats (Jumbo)
Rolled Oats (Jumbo)

Rolled Oats (Jumbo)

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Rolled Oats (Jumbo)

Oat flakes produced from milling kilned cooked oat groats. 

Product of New Zealand.

Ingredients: 100% Oats 

Nutrient  AVG Quantity per 100g
Energy  1510kJ
Protein , total  14g
- Gluten  -
Fat, total 6.8g
- saturated  1.3g
- transfat -
- polyunsaturated -
- monounsaturated -
Cholesterol  -
Carbohydrate 54.3g
- sugars 0.8g
Dietary fibre, total  11.9g
Sodium 1.4g
Potassium  -


contains gluten and traces of wheat.

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