Brown Sugar Chelsea
Brown Sugar Chelsea

Brown Sugar Chelsea

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Brown Sugar Chelsea

This popular sugar is used in many recipes, both savoury and sweet. A concentration of natural molasses syrup gives it the dark colour and liquorice flavour. Soft Brown Sugars unique flavour makes it suitable for adding depth to baking, caramels, toppings, sauces and is ideal on hot cereals (porridge).

The Chelsea Soft Brown Sugar crystal is as fine as caster sugar, meaning it dissolves quickly, so is often used to replace caster in quick cooking recipes where you need a punchier flavour.

Try tasting a little next time you use it. You'll be surprised that the flavour is not as sweet as white sugar and should have a slight hint of aniseed or liquorice flavour.


 Cane Sugar 100%

Product of New Zealand

Serving size 4g        
  Quantity Per Serving     Quantity Per 100g  
Energy 66 kJ   1640 kJ
Protein LESS THAN 1 g   LESS THAN 1 g
Fat, total LESS THAN 1 g   LESS THAN 1 g
- saturated LESS THAN 1 g   LESS THAN 1 g
Carbohydrate 3.8 g   96.0 g
 - sugars 3.8 g   96.0 g
Sodium LESS THAN 5 mg   16 mg

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