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Cacao Powder (Raw), Organic

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Cacao Powder (Raw), Organic

Anti-oxident superstar. Good source of magnesium and iron. All the best qualities of chocolate, but without the sugar.

Derived from certified organic cacao beans that have been cold pressed in small batches at temperatures below 47 degrees celcius.

Product of Dominican Republic.

QCS Certifed Organic



Nutritional Values (per 100g)

Energy                           1547Kj

Protein (g)                          20

Fat (g)                           10-12

-          Saturated               8.1                

Carbohydrates (g)             25

-          Sugars                  1.8

Fibre (g)                            33

Sodium (mg)                     21

Potassium (mg)             1524


no allergen


no allergen
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